Why did I write less and now 1393/05/19

This blog is in English yet my mother tongue isn’t English. When I have a blog post to write my writing abilities in English didn’t allow me to wrote what I want to write. Last week my friend @pharzan(his English good enough to write and speak fluently) told me don’t be shy and start to write. Readers of your blog post attention’s helps you to improve your writing abilities …

Every thing start from here 1393/05/19

By this post I want to SAY HELLO to world of developing ;)
First of all Farzam.me is the first website all I did myself. Up to now I design websites with assistance of my friends,(arashmilani.com & hallaji.com) help. They designed the website theme, helped to change PSD to HTML, re-factor CSS and other things, while on this website I did everything to upload this website only by myself. …

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Hey! My name is Farzam Khojastehnia and I'm a developer. And this is my chalkboard.
@narmand is our teams's lab to expriment awsome things in it.

In this board I share the works I have done, my challenges in software developing, making a startup and living a life.

You can get in touch with me via hi[at]farzam.me email address.